County Democratic Party Stands with San Ramon Valley Parents, Teachers


DANVILLE, CA, MARCH 24, 2015 … 
Following an extraordinary upswell of support from community leaders, the Democratic Party of Contra Costa County today announced its unanimous endorsement of San Ramon Valley Unified School District (SRVUSD) Measure A. The measure would protect local schools from a loss of approximately $7 million in critical funds that have made SRVUSD a “destination district” as a result of its strong reputation for academic excellence.

“As Democrats, our number one priority is to educate our students and provide them with the resources they need to succeed in a rapidly evolving economy,” said Jeff Koertzen, chair of the Democratic Party of Contra Costa County. “Measure A will keep in place essential advanced placement and technical career programs while maintaining high standards in core academic programs such as math, reading, writing and science.”

Measure A is not a tax increase; it simply extends the current voter-approved local funding first adopted by voters in 2004, and renewed in 2009. At the time, over two-thirds of voters supported the $144 per parcel assessment. Now, voters in Alamo, Danville, Dougherty Valley, and San Ramon will have the opportunity to vote in a mail-only election, with ballots due on May 5, 2015. Passage of Measure A requires approval of at least two-thirds of those who cast votes, and would maintain the same tax rate for another 9 years. All funds would continue to have citizen oversight and an annual audit. No funds would be spent on administrative salaries. Senior citizens, 65 and older, would be eligible for an exemption, and those who already have an exemption would not need to reapply.

“With the Democratic Party’s endorsement, we now have a broad base of support from throughout the valley,” said Marilyn Lucey, co-chair of the Yes on Measure A campaign. “Our excellent schools make our neighborhoods desirable places to live. By keeping our schools strong, we keep our community strong and protect property values for all, whether or not they have a child in school.” 

Other community leaders supporting Measure A include:

●         San Ramon Chamber of Commerce
●         San Ramon Valley Council of PTAs
●         San Ramon Valley Education Association
●         San Ramon Valley Education Foundation
●         All Trustees of the SRVUSD Board
●         All Danville Town Council Members
●         All San Ramon City Council Members
●         Congressman Mark DeSaulnier
●         County Superintendent Karen Sakata
●         County Supervisor Candace Andersen
●         Danville Mayor Mike Doyle
●         San Ramon Mayor Bill Clarkson
●         Steve Mick, Alamo Municipal Advisory Council


An endorsement from the Democratic Party of Contra Costa County makes a Yes on Measure A vote the official position of the Democratic Party at large and its 257,782 members in Contra Costa. With that designation comes voluntary campaign support from Democratic volunteers in dozens of local clubs as well as resources from the party’s network of small grassroots donors.

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