SB 54 Passes Senate; Let's get to work on the Assembly!!

Thanks to everyone who worked to get SB54 through the Senate. Every phone call, every meeting, and every person we talked to made a difference.

The California Values Act still faces some major opposition in the Assembly. So let's Mountain View celebrate this first step, but then roll up our sleeves and get to work in urging our Assembly members to vote YES for our California Values.

I will send out an update tomorrow on our efforts to support immigrant and Religious Community protections and our growing coalition of advocates.

SB54 should be on the Assembly floor for debate soon.

There will be a committee assigned to the bill; committee members will be posted as soon as information becomes available.

In the meantime, please call your state Assemblypersons and tell them that you live in their district and you support SB54! Ask them to support SB54.

Let them know that the wording has been changed so felons are not protected.

Also mention that according to an ITEP report 2016, undocumented immigrants add 3.1 billion to local and state tax funds. If they are granted legal status, they will add 2.18 billion more to the tax funds. There are ACLU,First Five, etc activists all over California who are fighting for this bill. Some Sheriffs are fighting against this bill is because they make around $80/day for housing undocumented immigrants in their jails.

Thanks much!
To find your assemblyperson go to

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