Vacancy: Secretary

Vacancy: Committee Chair of Training and Recruitment.  Eligible candidates must be a DPCCC member in “good standing” and live in CCC. Interested candidates should contact 2nd Vice Chair, Sue Hamill @ sue4dems@gmail.com by April 3, 2018.

The responsibilities include:

  • The Training and Recruitment Committee shall function as a standing committee of the DPCCC. The chair of the Training and Recruitment Committee shall be nominated by the Second Vice-Chair and confirmed by the DPCCC. The Training and Recruitment Committee shall: 
  • Educate each new DPCCC member on their duties, responsibilities, and opportunities;
  • Plan social activities to attract new members to the DPCCC and clubs, such as a summer picnic and a holiday party; and
  • Develop and conduct DPCCC training workshops for members and officers.


DPCCC Executive Committee
The Executive Committee is made up of elected officers and district representatives based on Supervisoral Districts. Together they manage the day to day operations of the Democratic Party of Contra Costa County.

OFFICERS 2017-18

  • Chair:  Maria Alegria
  • 1st Vice Chair:  AnaMaria Avila Farias
  • 2nd Vice Chair: Sue Hamill
  • Controller:  Greg Sanborn
  • Secretary:  OPEN
  • Past Chair: Jeff Koertzen


  • District 1:  Michael Nye
  • District 2:  Tom Duckworth
  • District 3:  Paul Seger
  • District 4:  Chuck Carpenter
  • District 5:  Nadine Peyrucain
  • Club Development: John Hall
  • Elections:Renee Zeimer
    Interested candidates, please contact chairalegria@gmail.com
  • Endorsements: Michael Nye
  • Finance: Greg Sanborn
  • Fundraising: Nadine Peyrucain
  • Issues: Angel Luevano
  • Member Communications: Paul Seger
  • Publications: Cesar Zepeda
  • Website: Paul Seger
  • Rules: Sarah Butler
  • Training & Recruitment: OPEN

DPCCC Central Committee Membership 
Updated April 5, 2018



  • Maria Alegria (Chair)
  • Genoveva Calloway
  • J. Michael Nye (Endorsements Chair & Ex. Com)
  • Mister Phillips
  • Gabriel Quinto



John Marquez

Peter Chau

Harpreet Sandhu

Tanya Brown

Champagne Brown


  • Sarah Butler (Rules Chair)
  • Diddo Clark
  • Tom Duckworth (Ex. Com)
  • Brodie Hilp
  • Katie Ricklefs
  • Jane Walter



Tandra Ericson

Jim Donnelly

Ryan Buckley (Website Administrator)

Sharon Goldberg

Peter Ericson

Ellis Goldberg


  • Argentina Davila-Luevano
  • Paul Seger (MOE, Member Communications & Ex. Com)
  • Debra Vinson



Angel Luevano (Issues Chair)

Joe Ely

Heath Lenoble


  • Chuck Carpenter (Training & Recruitment; Ex. Com)
  • Sue Hamill
  • Jeff Koertzen (Immediate Past Chair,  Ex. Com & Parliamentarian)
  • Robyn Kuslits
  • Greg Sanborn (Controller & Finance Chair)



Pam Aguilar

Harry Baker

Melanie Smith (Acting Secretary)

Dan Jameyson

Edi Birsan


  • Evelyn Centeno
  • Nadine Peyrucain (Fundraising Chair & Ex. Com)
  • Anamarie Avila Farias (1st  Vice Chair)
  • Rich Verrilli


Courtney Masella-Obrien

Tom Lawson

Ryan Apperson

John Stevens





  • CD05: Congressman Mike Thompson
  • CD09: Congressman Jerry McNerney
  • CD11: Congressman Mark DeSaulnier
  • CD15: Congressman Eric Swalwell



Sherry McCoy

Isacc Negrin

Carol Toms and Cathy McRoberts

Sabina Zafar


  • SD03: State Senator Bill Dodd
  • SD07: State Senator Steve Glazer
  • SD09: State Senator Nancy Skinner



Tomi Riley

Jason Bezis

Rita Xavier


  • AD11: Assemblymember Jim Frazier
  • AD14: Assemblymember Tim Grayson
  • AD15: Assemblymember Tony Thurmond
  • AD16: Highest Finishing Democrat Cheryl Cook-Kallio


Paul Joseph Flores

Colleen Isenberg

Cesar Zepeda (Publications Chair)

John Hall (Club Development Chair)


  • State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Torlakson
  • CDP Region 2 Director Lynette Henley (Solano)
  • CDP Region 5 Director Rocky Fernandez (Alameda)


Jamie Qualk

Marc Sternberger

Margaret Hanlon-Gradie


  • By-laws/Rules (Chair Sarah Butler): Propose changes to by-laws/special rules.
  • Club Development (Chair John Hall): Provide guidance for existing and new clubs; promote club activities; encourage club participation in DPCCC activities.
  • Communications (Chair Paul Seger)/Publications (Chair Cesar Zepeda) Website Management: (Ryan Buckley): Maintain and manage social media, website and on-line presence; publish DPCCC newsletter; review and manage DPCCC publications.
  • Elections (Chair Renee Zeimer): Develop and conduct trainings workshops for Democrats interested in running for office; help in planning “GOTV” (Get out the Vote); plan and implement voter registration program and VBM (Vote by Mail).
  • Endorsements (Chair Michael Nye): A special committee to oversee the DPCCC candidate endorsement process.
  • Fundraising (Chair Nadine Peyrucain): Assist will all DPCCC fundraising events i.e. Annual Roosevelt Dinner; propose fundraising projects.
  • Issues (Chair Angel Luevano): Review and recommend action on all propositions and resolutions on local, state and national issues brought before the DPCCC.
  • MOE (Mobilize, Organize and Elect): (Chair Paul Seger): The MOE system is specifically designed for the CDP to facilitate Democratic Party building activities such as membership outreach, voter registration, voter education, volunteer recruitment, and effective campaigning on behalf of Democratic Party candidates and endorsed ballot issues         The system will contain Voter IDs from previous CDP campaigns and intends to identify more voters for use in future campaigns.
  • Training and Recruitment (OPEN): Educate each new DPCCC member on their duties and responsibilities. Plan social activities to attract new members; Annual Picnic/BBQ and holiday party; develop and conduct DPCCC training workshops for members and officers.

Job Description of Officers can be found on pages 9-14 of By-laws, June 21, 2018

(*) Standing Committee Chair nominations are confirmed by DPCCC.

Membership to committees are open to all DPCCC members (regular/alternates/associates) in good standing.  Members on committees can make motions and vote. 

Chair:  Maria Alegria

Chair of Executive Committee:  Maria Alegria

  • Parlimentarian (confirmed by Executive committee): Jeff Koertzen
  • *Rules/Bylaws: Sarah Butler
  • Treasurer (confirmed by Executive committee)

Anamarie Avilia Farias: 1st VC (Elections) nominates Chairs

  • *Elections: Lead Chair: Renee Zeimer
  • *Endorsements: Michael Nye
  • *Issues: Angel Luevano
  • MOE administrator (confirmed by Executive Committee): Paul Seger

Sue Hamill:  2nd VC (Membership) nominates Chairs:  

  • *Club Development: John Hall
  • *Training & Recruitment: OPEN

Greg Sanborn: Controller: nominates Chair:

  • Finance (Controller chairs): Greg Sanborn
  • *Fundraising: Nadine Peyrucain
  • Audit (members confirmed by Executive Committee)

OPEN:  Secretary; Acting Secretary: Melanie Smith: Secretary nominates Chair:

  • *Member Communications: Paul Seger
  • *Publications: Cesar Zepeda