Although the Democratic Party of Contra Costa County has not made endorsements or recommendations in non-partisan judicial races, our members have found the following sites useful in helping us to come to a more informed decision.

  • Ballotpedia - A non-partisan site to provide background on candidates and issues. (Link goes directly to the 2018 judicial races page.)
  • Indivisible 4C - Indivisible of Central Contra Costa County is comprised of activists focused on protecting Democracy and fighting the Trump agenda. 
  • VoxPublica - VoxPublica is a site that publishes opinion pieces by individuals. This article was written by Margarita Lacabe, a Democratic activist from Alameda county who is also a member of the Alameda Democratic Central Committee. The article was shared with us by Margaret Hanlon-Gradie of the Central Labor Council of Contra Costa County. In the article, Margarita gives her specific recommendations in each race and why.

To reiterate, the DPCCC has not endorsed any views expressed on the pages listed above. They are presented to allow Democrats to make an informed decision in the 2018 judicial races.