May 2019 CDP Convention Recap

Dear DPCCC Members:
Recap of CADEM Convention:
  • Thank you DPCCC DSCC delegates for your perfect attendance!  All 35 delegates and/or their proxies were in attendance.  We were well represented!
  • Rusty Hicks was elected the new CADEM Chair.  I have sent him a congratulatory letter on behalf of the DPCCC.  A pdf is attached.
  • The Resolutions Committee recommended to the membership supporting Resolution 19-05.186,  “A Call for a Statewide Moratorium on Charter School Expansion”.  There were 195 resolutions submitted and the DPCCC’s was 1 of 14 that moved forward to the membership/delegates for approval. 
  •  I encourage you to visit the links to hear the inspiring speeches by our Democratic leaders and Presidential candidates; here is the link.

Presidential Candidate Videos


Standing Committee Reports


María Alegría, Chair
Democratic Party of CCC