Endorsement Process Procedures

Candidates seeking the endorsement of the Democratic Party of Contra Costa County (DPCCC) must request an interview.  Please submit your email request to: Chair, Endorsements Committee, Michael Nye @ jaymichaelnye@gmail.com


Membership on the endorsements committee is open to all DPCCC members in good standing.

It is the goal of the endorsements committee to have at least 1 members from each of the Supervisory Districts.

All endorsements committee members must be approved by a majority vote of the DPCCC.

Conflict of Interest

Members who are running for an office, or are actively involved in a campaign for someone running for an office, are welcome to serve on the endorsements committee with the following restrictions:

Candidates, Sitting Office Holders and/or their Campaign Manager, Consultants and Paid Staff may not participate in endorsement interviews for the office under consideration.

Candidates, Sitting Office Holders and/or their Campaign Manager, Consultants and Paid Staff shall not have access to completed Candidate Questionnaires for the office they are seeking.

All members of the DPCCC Endorsements Committee are expected to disclose any conflict of interest prior to the interview process.

Candidate Questionnaires will not be shared with Endorsements Committee members who have indicated a potential “conflict of interest” until all interviews for such office have been completed

Endorsement Questionnaire

All Candidates must complete an Endorsement Questionnaire and pay the Endorsement Application Fee prior to being allowed to interview for an office.

Endorsement Questionnaires shall be posted on the DPCCC Website, except for Section 5 (Campaign Strategy), following completion of interviews for the office in question.

Endorsement Interview Process

Endorsement interviews shall be scheduled for 30 minutes from start until the next interviewee.

The interview panel shall consist of one (1) representative from each Supervisory District and ex-officio members (DPCCC Chair, DPCCC Immediate Past Chair).  Panel members will be rotated as necessary between members from each Supervisory District

Panel members will be limited to one question per candidate.

Other members of the endorsements committee and of the DPCCC are encouraged to attend interview sessions; however, they will not be permitted to ask questions during the interviews.

Typical interview Timeline

Candidate enters and is seated                                                                     1 min

Chair; introductions explain process & asks 1st question                             3 min

Candidate Response                                                                                      3 min

Panel Questions (7 members, 1 min for question, 1 min for response)        14 min

Chair’s final Question & Closure                                                                    2 min

Candidate closing Remarks                                                                           2 min

Candidate exits                                                                                               1 min

Total time                                                                                                        26 minutes

Representative of candidates before the interview panel may attend the interview; however, they may not ask or answer questions.

Endorsements Committee Caucus

All members of the Endorsements Committee are welcome and encouraged to participate in the Endorsements Committee Caucus where each office and its respective candidates will be reviewed and decisions will be made on recommendations to the DPCCC for Candidate Endorsements.

No outside public or candidate supporters are allowed to attend the Endorsements Committee Caucus.

Local Democratic Clubs endorsements are to be highly considered in the endorsement process.  This is the opportunity for the club’s input to our endorsement process.

Only Candidates who have stated Democrat as their Ballot Designation are eligible for Endorsement by the DPCCC.

The Endorsements Committee may not recommend endorsement for more candidates than position openings.

Endorsement Recommendations shall be as follows:

Unanimous (U) -            Candidate has received all votes cast by attending Endorsements Committee members.

Endorsement (E) -         Candidate receives at least 50% plus one vote by all Endorsements Committee members present.

No Endorsement (N) –  Candidate does not receive at least 50% plus one of votes cast by all Endorsements Committee Members present.

DPCCC Endorsement Vote

Endorsements Committee recommendations will be presented to the DPCCC, at a regularly scheduled or special endorsement meeting, on a spreadsheet and arranged as a Consent Calendar.

Any member of the DPCCC may request that a specific office be pulled from the Consent Calendar.

Following review of the Consent Calendar a vote for Endorsement of all candidates on the Consent Calendar shall be taken.  A vote of 60 % of the members present is required for endorsement.

All offices pulled from the Consent calendar shall be handled in the following manner.

           The member pulling the item shall state their reason for pulling the office.

           The candidate(s) in question or their designated representative shall have one (1) minute to solicit member’s votes.

           Members of the DPCCC with an interest in the office pulled, shall have to following opportunities to speak for or against the endorsement vote. Alternating for and against arguments of one (1) minute each.  Up to two (2) for and two (2) against.

           Following these arguments a vote for the candidate in question shall be taken.  A 60% positive vote is needed for endorsement.

Candidates Seeking DPCCC Endorsement:

The instructions on the Endorsements process procedures are on the website - https://www.contracostadems.org/endorsement_process_procedures

Questionnaires can be obtained from Michael Nye, the Chair of the Endorsements Committee.  jaymichaelnye@gmail.com . 

Deadline for Candidate Questionnaires: Monday, August 20th at 5pm.  Return to Michael Nye @ jaymichaelnye@gmail.com .

Endorsements Interviews:  DPCCC Members, RSVP with Michael Nye at jaymichaelnye@gmail.com .

  • Saturday, 8/11: 9am to 5pm @ USW Hall, 1333 Pine St., Martinez
  • Sunday, 8/12: 9am to 5pm @ USW Hall, 1333 Pine St., Martinez
  • Saturday, 8/18: 9am to 5pm @ USW Hall, 1333 Pine St., Martinez
  • Sunday, 8/19: 9am to 5pm @ Mechanics Bank – Hilltop Richmond with Joint interviews with DPCCC, West County Dems, El Cerrito Dems, CCC Young Democrats, LAMBDA
  • Saturday, 8/25: 10am to 4pm @ El Cerrito High. Join interviews with DPCCC, El Cerrito Dems, West County Dems, CCC Young Democrats and LAMBDA
  • Sunday, 8/26: 9am to 5pm @ USW Candidates, 1333 Pine St., Martinez. Endorsements Committee will be convening after interviews have concluded to vote on recommendations. Recommendations will be forward to the DPCCC Membership meeting for the August 30th.
  • Tuesday, 8/28: 6:30pm to 9:00pm @ 1545 Ashbury in El Cerrito (Clubs/DPCCC/if needed)