District 5

Candidate Statements for DPCCC District 5, June 2016 Primary
(In Ballot Order)

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Melody Lacy
I am so sorry to tell you that we have lost our apartment and have to move out of state for affordable housing so I will not be able to serve on the Democratic Central Committee.

Richard "Rich" Verrilli
No information provided

Sally Sweetser
No information provided

Alan Swislow
No information provided

Evelyn J. Centeno
Centeno’s service to the Democratic Party dates back to 1986, when she was an officer of the Filipino American Democratic Caucus of CDP—where she had been a Secretary, Treasurer and Northern Vice Chair of the caucus. In 1994, Centeno founded the Filipino American Democratic Caucus of CCC. The club was active for more than ten years, during which time, Centeno had converted many Filipinos and registered new voters to the Democratic Party. In 1996 she became, a superdelegate to the Democratic National Convention in Chicago. From 1998–2005, she was an Executive Board Member of the CDP, Co-Chair of the Legislative Action and Equal Opportunity Committee of the CDP. She was elected to the Democratic Party of Contra Costa County in 2002. She stepped down from the elected position after two years when she moved from Pittsburg to Martinez. However, she continued her service to DPCCC as Clubs Chair and By-Laws Chair. As Clubs Chair, she was the record keeper of clubs information and chartering records. As Clubs Chair, she was also responsible for arranging for the voter’s registration tabling. This was a big task-- securing the site, furniture and volunteers. One example of her work as Chair of the By-Laws Committee, clarifying the Article on Voting. A few years back, due to changes in family obligations and professions (from engineer to teacher), she left active participation from DPCCC; however, she continued to support endorsed candidates, walked precincts, stuffed envelopes and did phone banking at the campaign offices.

Satinder S. Malhi
SatinderMalhi_profile.jpgSatinder S. Malhi is a second generation Sikh-American and a lifelong Democrat. He has worked on a wide-range of civil rights issues impacting the Sikh community since 9/11 including workplace discrimination, airport screening procedures, school bullying, inmate grooming standards and more. His advocacy efforts on behalf of the Sikh community eventually sparked a strong desire to learn more about public policy formation within the California State Legislature. In 2004, he was admitted as one of only eighteen individuals selected from a nationwide applicant pool to participate in the highly prestigious Capital Fellows program. In the years since, he has worked on a wide range of public policy and community issues including higher education, transportation, consumer protection, local government and more in his role as a senior aide to several elected officials including former State Senator Mark DeSaulnier and Assemblywoman Susan Bonilla. Over the course of the past two decades, he has volunteered for numerous Democratic campaigns at the local, state and national level. Satinder currently serves on the Executive Board of the Democratic Party of Contra Costa County and is a co-founder and past President of the Contra Costa Young Democrats. He has received several awards including being named “Outstanding Young Democrat” by the Democratic Party of Contra Costa County as well as “Young Man of the Year” by the Martinez Chamber of Commerce. Satinder is a graduate of Alhambra High School and received his B.A. in Politics/Legal Studies at the University of California Santa Cruz, with honors. He currently lives in Martinez with his wife Gurpreet, a local small business owner.

Nadine Grace Peyrucain
NadinePeyrucain_profile.jpgI consider myself a New Deal, “The Real Deal” Democrat.  I am a Unionist, the current president of AFSCME Retirees Chapter 57 No CA, an Executive Board Member of Contra Costa County Central Labor Council. I am an activist in the party; currently I am an elected AD14 delegate to the California State Democratic Party. I am an Environmentalist, in that I am committed to transitioning to clean sustainable energy (Leave it in the ground and NO FRACKING).  I work within the party and the community to move forward to a just transition that promotes health and does not harm working families. I am a Social Worker by education and uphold the National Association of Social Workers’ Code of Ethics.  I am opposed to mass incarceration and the war on drugs.  I believe that Health Care is a human right. I believe that we need to once more have free state university tuition for anyone who wants to continue to learn.  I believe that money does and has corrupted our political system.  The redistribution of wealth due to Corporate Tax Cuts and laws being passed to benefit the very wealthy has produced Income Inequity and stolen from the peoples’ commons, the infrastructure, which is crucial to our everyday lives. I am an advocate for seniors, I am a current co-chair of the Contra Costa/Solano Action Team of the California Alliance for Retired Americans and am actively engaged in advocating for legislation to benefit retirees and their families, all of us. 

NOTE: All statements have been provided by the candidates. The DPCCC is not responsible for the accuracy of any statements provided herein.