District 4

Candidate Statements for DPCCC District 4, June 2016 Primary
(In Ballot Order)

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Dan Jameyson
DanJameyson_profile.jpgI’m Dan Jameyson. Your vote for me will lead our Democratic Party with the values we share. I’ve lived in Concord for about thirty years, and I’ve worked on the front lines of our social safety net for the last ten, through the worst of the Great Recession. I believe that we can achieve an economy that works for working families, rewards job creators, and motivates us all to move ever forward. It will be the defining issue of our time, and we already know how to do it. When our grandparents’ generation stood together in their communities, unions, and congregations, they brought us living wages, public education, and civil rights. Our industry and prosperity were the envy of the world. My goals for the Central Committee are to: 1) educate our community about Democratic values, 2) elect great Democratic candidates, and 3) support an open and welcoming Democratic Party in Contra Costa County. I’m honored to be endorsed by: Fiona Ma, Chair of the Board of Equalization; Mae Torlakson, Ambrose Recreation and Park District Board Member, AD-14 Candidate; Karen Mitchoff, Contra Costa County Supervisor, District IV; Gabriel Quinto, El Cerrito City Councilmember; Tim McGallian, Concord City Treasurer; AnaMarie Avila Farias, Martinez City Councilmember; Central Labor Council of Contra Costa County, AFL-CIO; SEIU Local 1021; Contra Costa Young Democrats. Please check out my website at www.danjameyson.com, and watch the video. Kindest regards, Dan Jameyson, dsjameyson@dan247.com, 925-325-1291

Melanie Seton Smith
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Greg Sanborn
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G Bruce Windrem
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Charles Carpenter
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Jeffrey D. Koertzen
JeffKoertzen_profile.jpgIn 2015, I was elected as the first openly gay Chair of the Democratic Party in Contra Costa County. I was elected to represent District 4 in 2012. In addition, I have been elected as a delegate to the California Democratic Party from AD14 in 2013 and 2015 and both cycles I was selected as the representative for the district on the California Democratic Party Executive Board. Before serving as Chair for the County Party, I served as Bylaws Chair and Endorsements Chair, and I founded our annual Roosevelt Awards Dinner. One of my goals in representing the district is to make the County Party as inclusive and welcoming as possible. Unlike the other major party, we should be a bottom-up organization representing the grassroots not organized as top-down representing elite interests. You can see some of my goals on the vision page of my website at http://www.jeffkoertzen.com. I have intentionally not updated the site since my run for chair to remind me and others of the things I think we need to accomplish. We have seen some progress locally, but there is still a lot of work to do. We have increased interest and participation in the local party, but we have also seen our registration numbers decrease due to disenfranchisement with the party system nationally. As the party of the people, we have the best opportunity to elect fair-minded Democrats who represent and are accountable to all people and who share our values. I welcome your support.

Harmesh Kumar
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Susan Hamill
I would like to increase my participation in the DPCCC as a full voting member and represent Democrats in the 4th Supervisory District. My interests: Increasing the number of Democrats in office in Contra Costa County. I am currently the campaign Treasurer for a Democratic friend running for the Walnut Creek City Council. Voter Registration. I have set up many voter registration events, and am currently working on a VR project in High Schools in CCC. I created the Contra Costa ACA team to help implement the ACA in CCC. An all-volunteer group, we joined Covered California’s Community Outreach program. We held over 150 education and enrollment events in Contra Costa County. Congressman George Miller commended our work in a letter to the Board of Supervisors of CCC and in letters of appreciation to our Contra Costa ACA team members. State of California Democratic Party Participation History: *ADEM delegate 2011 to present. *Member of the Voter Services standing committee 2014 to present. *National Democratic Party Participation History *Delegate for CD 11 to the NDP Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina in 2012. I was a Regional Field Organizer (volunteer) for President Obama’s 2012 campaign. I recruited volunteers and developed teams in CCC. Our 1300+ volunteers made many thousands of calls, went to knock on doors in Nevada and other states, did tabling and voter registration in CCC. Over 300 of them worked at two GOTV staging locations. Some Endorsements *Susan Bonilla, Assembly Member AD14, *Joan Buchanan, Former Assembly Member AD16.

Pamela Jo Auilar
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Casilda "Cassie" Gonzales
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Scott Joseph Rafferty
ScottRafferty_profile.jpgJustice Sotomayor: “I marveled at Scott’s courage in coming to my defense without hesitation…. [I]ntegrity would remain evident throughout his distinguished career in public service.” Education: Princeton, Yale Law School, Rhodes Scholarship Committee Service: current parliamentarian, issues co-chair, help chair with election law Let’s have a working committee, well integrated with Democratic activists and office-holders throughout our county. My ambitions: Respectful meetings that demonstrate unity. Let’s hear and respect all viewpoints, then try coming to consensus. Fewer formal votes and parliamentary issues. An open, responsive issues committee. This year, focus on ballot questions and supporting endorsed candidates. Stress issues showing Republicans out-of-step with their constituents. Next year, propose progressive legislation to the legislature. A larger, more inclusive committee. We need more members. (1) representation from both service employees and building trades, (2) delegates from our strongest clubs, (3) more engaged local officials, (4) direct participation by Latino communities. Let’s give votes to these critical recruits. Let’s choose officers from among our entire membership. My track record of supporting diversity and the Democratic Party. - Served 10 national conventions, either on rules or credentials committee, as a delegate or staff - Counsel to two DNC reform commissions - Achieved most diverse delegation ever for Kerry when managing his selection process. - Filed pro bono lawsuits protecting votes of Democratic servicemen and veterans - Wrote Princeton University’s ban on discrimination against gays - Board, Meals on Wheels ENDORSED - YOUNG DEMOCRATS, Craig Cheslog, evolve, Ellis Goldberg, Karen Cohen

NOTE: All statements have been provided by the candidates. The DPCCC is not responsible for the accuracy of any statements provided herein.