District 3

Candidate Statements for DPCCC District 3, June 2016 Primary
(In Ballot Order)

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Odessa Lefrancois
No information provided

Debra Vinson
DebraVinson_profile.jpgI have served in the current role of Appointed Incumbent for the past 3 years and have shown a consistent commitment to the DPCCC by serving in various leadership roles and sub-committees. I have worked diligently to support Democratic political campaigns on a national and local level by managing phone banks, walking door to door, assisting with the development of campaign literature, advocating for ballot measures, writing postcards, and participating in other capacities as needed. I have worked diligently to bring exposure and focus to District 3 while supporting our elected officials on a Local, State and Congressional level. I want to continue to serve in District to represent voter concerns and to turn concerns into actionable items for elected officials. My commitment to the California Democrat Party is visible and strong and will continue with unwavering efforts to elect Democrats in California. I support the democracy of inclusiveness for all Democrats. I would be honored to have your VOTE to continue my pledge of improving voter turnout in District 3, encouraging Democrats to re-engage in the political process, bringing relevant information to local cities and municipal governments, and by continuing to build relationships with voters in District 3. Experience: *Governing Board Member for the Antioch Unified School District; *Appointed Incumbent for District 3 DPCCC; *Founder and Chair of East Contra Costa Democratic Club; *John F. Kennedy University 2015 Alumni of the Year Award I am endorsed by Evolve California; Eric Bauman, Vice President California Democratic Party, and a host of local citizens, friends and elected officials. Email debravinson4dpccc@yahoo.com.

Harry L. Thurston
HarryThurston_profile.jpgI have been a registered Democrat all my adult life. I strongly support the Democratic Party‘s core belief that the Country succeeds when everyone gets a fair and equal opportunity to share in the successes of our economic and democratic political systems. I am committed to keeping the Democratic Party of Contra Costa County Central Committee informed and inclusive on the needs and desires of the Democrat constituency in the Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors District 3. I pledge to work hard to increase the participation of the Democratic Party constituency in the political processes of the Contra Costa Board of Supervisors District 3. Current Service: Vice-Chair of the East Contra Costa Democratic Club; Alternate to a voting member on the Democratic Party of Contra Costa County Central Committee; An appointed Commissioner and Chairperson of the Antioch Police Department Crime Prevention Commission; Member on the executive committee of the Contra Costa Clean Energy Alliance; A member of the Rotary Club of Antioch. I moved to Contra Costa County in 1988. I was a Peace Corps Volunteer for three years, a Forest Engineer for 12 years and an IT Professional for 25 years.

Paul Seger
No information provided

Rosa Argentina Davila-Luevano
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Sharon Lee Mossman
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Richard Keith Mossman
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