District 2

Candidate Statements for DPCCC District 2, June 2016 Primary
(In Ballot Order)

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Sarah Genn Butler
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Sabina Zafar
SabinaZafar_profile.jpgI am an active community leader and a successful technology business executive by background. I emigrated from Pakistan in my early 20s and moved to San Ramon in 2006 as a single parent with my two children, then aged four and nine years old. I chose San Ramon for its safe community, diverse neighborhoods, and public schools. I see myself as a classic example of the American dream – I have worked hard to achieve success and prosperity through determination, and initiative to build a better life for myself and my children. I am proud to be a long-time resident of San Ramon and wholeheartedly committed to giving back to my city and making a difference for the community I am so passionate about. I was appointed to the San Ramon Valley Transportation Advisory Committee in 2015 and I am also a member of the San Ramon Dougherty Valley Rotary Club. I am a member of the San Ramon Valley Leadership program. I am also a graduate of Emerge California program. As a parent, I have volunteered actively with the PTA and Girl Scouts of Northern California, and am widely recognized for my efforts to bring the community together. I extensively volunteer with community projects. I am also affiliated with Women in Tech organizations promoting the growth of women in the field of technology. Presently, I lead the Solutions Architecture & Sales Engineering for an Internet Software and Cloud Infrastructure Company. I hold a degree in Computer and Information Sciences from the University of South Alabama. 

Jane Elizabeth Walter
JaneWalter_profile.jpgAfter receiving a B.A in History from Tufts University and an M.A. in government from Boston University, I taught history for a few years before starting my family. Returning to the workforce, I retrained as a Respiratory Therapist at the local Community College and was employed as a Respiratory Therapist and Educational Coordinator at UNC Hospitals in Chapel Hill, N.C. After this I returned to the Community College as a full time instructor in the Respiratory Therapy program. Here I was able to mentor and train for well paying jobs, many single mothers, displaced homemakers, and the recently unemployed. I retired from this position in 2004 and in 2005 moved to the Rossmoor Community in Walnut Creek, California. Here I became politically active in the 2012 Obama campaign and assumed the Presidency of the 500 member Democrats of Rossmoor from 2013-2015. I worked to more actively involve the club in political activities and co-ordinate its efforts with other local Democratic clubs. I currently am on the board of this club as Membership Co-Chair and remain involved in the club’s activities. I also write for the Progressive View column in the weekly Rossmoor News and am founder and organizer of the Democrats of Rossmoor Book Club. As a member of the Central Committee I would advocate that Democratic Clubs have a vote on the committee and I would be in a unique position to co-ordinate the work of both groups to promote the election of Democrats to local, state, and national office.

Thomas E. Duckworth
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Diddo Ruth Clark
DiddoClark_profile.jpg"I recommend Diddo Clark (for Contra Costa County Democratic Central Committee). The Central Committee is the local Democratic Party. It promotes the Democratic Party platform, endorses local candidates, and confers on locally endorsed candidates the California Democratic Party endorsement. In 2000: (1) Diddo Clark ran for Contra Costa Community College District Governing Board; her endorsements included: Congressman George Miller, Assemblyman Tom Torlakson (now California Superintendent of Public Instruction), 4 County Supervisors (including current Congressman Mark DeSaulnier), and 19 local mayors; and (2) Rossmoor Democrat Betty Lou Kasnoff recruited Diddo for the Central Committee. In 2001, the Central Committee appointed Diddo to fill a vacancy representing County Supervisor District 2 on the Central Committee. Since 2001, in every partisan Primary, she has been elected by thousands of Democrats in our 5th of the county to represent us on the Central Committee. Now, she's the senior Central Committee elected member. She's volunteered for many local Democratic candidates' campaigns and served on several Central Committee sub-committees. In 2014, the endorsement sub-committee was a 100 hour commitment - to review candidate applications, interview candidates, and deliberate; Diddo was the only elected member who attended every endorsement meeting. Diddo is a practicing attorney, negotiator, and athlete - with degrees from Diablo Valley College, UC San Diego, and Georgetown Law - and a record for swimming around Manhattan Island in less than 7 hours. So, please vote for Diddo Clark for Central Committee. Thank you." Tony Ghazal, Walnut Creek

Brodie Hilp
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Michael R. McGill
MikeMcGill_profile.jpgI am an environmental/water engineer, licensed as a Professional Civil Engineer, with B.S. and M.S. degrees in Civil Engineering and a M.S. degree in Water Resource Engineering, all from the University of Michigan. I'm the founder, President and Principal Engineer of MMS Design Associates. My passions are workforce development/job creation, education and sustainable water use. This year I was appointed by the Board of Supervisors to my fourth term as Chair of the Workforce Development Board of Contra Costa County. I'm endorsed by Supervisor Federal Glover; Amy Worth, Orinda City Council; Chuck Carpenter, Past Chair Central Committee Democratic Party of Contra Costa County; Carolyn Phinney, Democratic Party of CCC and Sarah Butler, Democratic Party of CCC. I have been a Regent/Trustee of John F Kennedy University for over 25 years and am a Founding Board Member (1996) and current President of the Los Medanos Community College Foundation Board. I believe the Central Committee needs to work on advancing the critical areas of education, water/environmental sustainability, job creation and workforce development. I offer my extensive experience in these areas as an asset so we can be most effective in doing this. I'm a lifelong Democrat; progressive, pro-choice, a supporter of LBGT rights and available eduction for all. I believe in being financially responsible. I have dedicated my volunteer hours, and professional time, to supporting these efforts. I ask for your support and vote. Thank you.

Carolyn Ruth Phinney
CarolynPhinney_profile.jpgDear Voters, I am the winner of the first Distinguished Democrat Award given by the Contra Costa County Democratic Party (2014). The County Board of Supervisors also awarded me the Leadership in Sustainability Award (2015). I have represented you on the Democratic Central Committee since 2010. In 2010 I  organized the first Official Democratic Party slate card delivery. We divered nearly 10 percent of the Official Democratic Party slate cards delivered in the state. I am honored to have the endorsements of Assemblywoman Nancy Skinner, Supervisor Federal Glover, Amy Worth, Orinda City Councilwoman, Jim Donnelly, Vice Chair of the Democratic Central Committee, Mike McGill, Board, Central Contra Costa Sanitary District and Chair of the Workforce Development Board, Sarah Butler, Trustee of Orinda Union School Board, Tim Farley, Contra Costa County Community College Board and more. It is not enough to talk about Democratic goals, we must contribute to our community. The nonprofit urban farm I co-founded will grow salads for schools and the food bank at a very low cost and provide hands on STEM education and recycled art classes. We use unused public buffer land and recycled agricultural grade water to dramatically cut costs. Www.Salads4Schools.org Please Google me to learn more about my work. I would be honored to have your vote. Thank you. Carolyn Phinney, Ph.D. President, AgLantis (501 c-3) www.Salads4Schools.org 925-788-7374 

Jerome C. Pandell
JeromePandell_profile.jpgDanville resident Jerome C. Pandell co-founded the Contra Costa Young Democrats in 2013 and currently serves as Treasurer of that organization -- the fastest-growing California Young Democrats chapter in the state. During the day, Jerome works for a woman-owned law firm in Walnut Creek, advising and defending small businesses on litigation and corporate matters. In 2014, Congressman Mark DeSaulnier appointed Jerome as his alternate to the Contra Costa County Democratic Centeral Committee, where Jerome serves as the fundraising chair and helped the committee raise almost $50,000.00 since 2015. A graduate of San Ramon Valley public schools and Northwestern University, Jerome also serves on the University of California, Hastings College of the Law, Board of Governors and on the San Ramon Valley Unified School District Facilities Oversight & Advisory Committee. Jerome is endorsed by Congressman Eric Swalwell, former State Assemblymember Joan Buchanan, the Contra Costa Young Democrats, and the Democrats of Rossmoor. 

Katie Ricklefs
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