2016 National Convention Delegates

If you are interested in running to become a delegate to the Democratic National Convention, see the information on the website of the California Democratic Party. Click "Read more" for more details here.

There are four ways to become a delegate to the Democratic National Convention:






Filing Period


District These delegates are elected by caucus in each congressional district. Most delegates are elected at the district level. 317 30 Form A Feb 29 to Apr 13 District Level Caucuses May 1
At-Large These delegates are selected at a statewide meeting after the Primary. These delegates are usually selected to help the California delegation meet diversity requirements. 105 10 Form B Feb 29 to Jun 9 Statewide Selection Meeting Jun 19
PLEO These delegates are Political Leaders and Elected Officials selected at a statewide meeting after the Primary. There are some very strict requirements as to who is eligible to file as a PLEO. 53 0 Form C Feb 29 to Jun 19 Statewide Selection Meeting Jun 19
DNC These delegates are members of the DNC. These are the so-called "Super Delegates." 71 0 N/A N/A N/A

All but the DNC delegates are known as "pledged" delegates. When Democrats file to become a delegate, they must indicate their candidate preference. Each candidate will hold their own caucus in each district on May 1st. The top vote getters in each congressional district will be sorted by gender. The delegates are apportioned based on the candidate's percentage of the votes received in the district in the Primary on June 7th.

For example, CD11 (Congressional District 11, Congressman Mark DeSaulnier's district) has 7 district-level delegates and 1 alternate (4 male delegates, 3 female delegates, and 1 female alternate). If both presidential candidates get 50%, then the delegates will be split evenly between each candidate, which means that only the top 2 male and top 2 female vote getters in each caucus will become delegates or alternates. If the vote is not evenly split, then the delegates will be assigned proportionally.

The delegate assignments officially occur at the statewide selection meeting on June 19, 2016. At that meeting, the At-Large and PLEO assignments are also made.

Most people become delegates at the district-level caucuses. The first step is to complete Form A at the link above and send it in to the California Democratic Party before April 13, 2016. More information is on the state party website.

    Delegates     Alternates    
# District of Congressman Males Females TOTAL Males Females TOTAL
5 Rep. Mike Thompson 3 4 7 1 0 1
9 Rep. Jerry McNerney 3 3 6 0 0 0
11 Rep. Mark DeSaulnier 4 3 7 0 1 1
15 Rep. Eric Swalwell 3 4 7 1 0 0