2016 Certified Central Committee Results

Contra Costa County has finished processing ballots, and the elections clerk, Joe Canciamilla, has certified the results. Congratulations to all the new* and returning (i) central committee members who will take their seats at the reorganizational meeting in January 2017.

District 1

  1. Gabriel Quinto (i)
  2. Genoveva Calloway*
  3. Maria Alegria (i)
  4. Mister Phillips (i)
  5. Michael Nye*

District 2

  1. Sarah Butler (i)
  2. Carolyn Phinney (i)
  3. Jane Walter*
  4. Diddo Clark (i)
  5. Mike McGill*
  6. Thomas Duckworth*

District 3

  1. Debra Vinson (i)
  2. Argentina Davila-Luevano (i)
  3. Paul Seger*

District 4

  1. Chuck Carpenter (i)
  2. Cassie Gonzales*
  3. Greg Sanborn (i)
  4. Sue Hamill*
  5. Jeff Koertzen (i)

District 5

  1. Rich Verilli (i)
  2. Evelyn Centeno*
  3. Melody Lacy*^
  4. Nadine Perucain*

^Please note that Melody Lacy was on the ballot for District 5, but she will be ineligible and unable to take the seat in January. The seat will be declared vacant in November, and the new committee will be able to appoint someone to fill the seat at the January meeting.