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Open Seat, Delegates, ADEMS, and DUES

As we prepare for the January Organizational Meeting (Thursday, January 19, 2017) where we will seat our new members elected this past June and elect officers, please be aware of the following, including an Open Seat in District 5 that will also be filled at the January meeting.

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2016 General Election Final Endorsements

The following are the final endorsements of the Democratic Party of Contra Costa County.

The list below is inclusive of all endorsed candidates and measures. Local slate cards, like those mailed to regular voters, can be downloaded/printed from the links at the bottom of this page.

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2016 Certified Central Committee Results

Contra Costa County has finished processing ballots, and the elections clerk, Joe Canciamilla, has certified the results. Congratulations to all the new* and returning (i) central committee members who will take their seats at the reorganizational meeting in January 2017.

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DPCCC Candidate Statements

Candidates for the Democratic Central Committee (voting members of the Democratic Party of Contra Costa County) were invited to provide a photo and a brief statement to introduce themselves to the voters of Contra Costa County.

Please see this link for the DPCCC Candidate Statements.

Convention Delegate Results

Some of the convention delegate results have started coming in. So far, we have only received the results for CD11 (DeSaulnier) for both the Clinton and Sanders caucuses. Congratulations to the top vote-getters in each caucus. Click the link below for the results we have so far.


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Presidential Campaign Contact Info

The Democratic Party is not officially involved with either of the campaigns for President until after the national convention this summer. At this time, we have members of the Democratic Party of Contra Costa County who are strong supporters of Hillary Clinton and some who are strong supporters of Bernie Sanders. We have a couple of great candidates, and we encourage both sides to treat the other campaign with respect as we move to the California Primary and on to the convention in Philadelphia July 25-28, 2016.

For information about either campaign or how to order campaign material, click the Read More button below.

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Convention Delegate Selection Locations May 1

The convention delegate caucuses are May 1, 2016. The caucus doors at every location open at 2:00 and the meetings start at 3:00 . According to the FAQ from the California Democratic Party: "Registered Democrats who live in that [Congressional District] can vote once they have signed in – as long as you are in line by 3pm, you will receive a ballot to vote.” So you MUST make it to the event and be in line BY 3pm. Do not be late! If you arrive early and sign in, you may vote and then leave.
NOTE: The CDP Regional Directors have informed me that Democrats may only vote in ONE caucus. You may not vote at the Clinton Caucus and then go across town to vote at the Sanders Caucus or vice versa.
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2016 Primary Endorsements

For the 2016 Primary, the Democratic Party of Contra Costa County has issued the following local race endorsements:

  • Contra Costa Board of Supervisors, District 5: Federal Glover

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DPCCC Endorses Supervisor Federal Glover, Narrows Field on District 3

PLEASANT HILL, CA, MARCH 22, 2016 … Following weeks of deliberation, the Democratic Party of Contra Costa County (DPCCC) today announced its final endorsement decisions for the June 7, 2016 county elections.

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2016 National Convention Delegates

If you are interested in running to become a delegate to the Democratic National Convention, see the information on the website of the California Democratic Party. Click "Read more" for more details here.

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