2016 Primary Endorsements


The following are Democratic candidates who have requested endorsement from the Democratic Party of Contra Costa County in the June 2016 election.

Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors, District 3


Voter Registration

Total voter registration as of February 18, 2016

Dem Rep DTS Other TOTAL
46,753 (46.28%) 27,403 (27.13%) 22,267 (22.04%) 4,592 (4.55%) 101,015


Diane Burgis

Address 5940 College Avenue Suite F, Oakland CA 94618 
Email Diane4CCC@gmail.com
Website www.DianeBurgis.com
Campaign Diane Burgis for Supervisor 2016 (FPPC #1382042)
Top 3 Reasons for Running
  1. I am committed to serving my community, giving people a voice, & bringing people together to solve problems and I look forward to the opportunity of committing my time, energy and heart to Contra Costa County and to District 3.
  2. I want to bring more POSITIVE & SUPPORTIVE Democratic leadership to Contra Costa that helps promote Democratic values, grows voter registration and participation, strengthen our Democratic Clubs, & support and encourage our Democratic representatives and our up and coming leaders.
  3. I have regional leadership experience that has given me exposure and helped me develop relationships that have prepared me to better serve on county level. I am the most viable Democratic candidate in a very conservative (and traditionally Republican supervisor district) as I have already been elected in most of the towns and cities of District 3.


Wade Harper

Address 1007 Stonecrest Drive, Antioch, CA 94531
Email wadeharper@sbcglobal.net
Website www.wadeharperforsupervisor.com
Campaign Friends of Harper for Supervisor 2016 (FPPC #1381916)
Top 3 Reasons for Running

I believe I am the best candidate with the experience to address problems facing the county.

As a 24 year retired police manager I have the training and experience to address a wide variety of problems which we face in our cities and county. I understand how to address the crime problems and the lack of staffing in public safety. I have experiencing in strategic planning and reaching out to the community for the purpose of prioritizing and implementing a strategic plan. Being the mayor of the largest city in district 3 has helped me understand how to handle the issues of a larger city and has prepared me to handle county problems.


Odessa LeFrancois

Address P.O. Box 3911, Antioch
Email info@olefrancois.com
Website www.Odessa4supervisor.com
Campaign Lefrancois, Contra Costa County Supervisor Candidate 2016 (FPPC #1380712)
Top 3 Reasons for Running

To provide safer communities, protecting waterways and improving transportation to East County.


Monica Wilson

Address 3710 Lone Tree Way #252, Antioch, CA 94509
Website www.MonicaWilsonforSupervisor.com
Campaign Monica Wilson for Supervisor 2016 (FPPC #1383181)
Top 3 Reasons for Running

I am running for Supervisor because my parents were able to afford a home and start a family in the Bay area years ago, but today that same opportunity just does not exist for Contra Costa residents. I was laid off after I purchased my home here during the financial crisis, and depleted my life savings trying to stay afloat, and felt as though I was losing much of what I had spent years working for.

I was fortunate to find work at Mills College, helping guide students on their career paths, and was elected to Antioch City Council in 2012. While I was able to get back on my feet after the recession, my neighbors had not fully recovered. That’s when I knew more had to be done. I want to use my experience in business development and community service to work for residents in the following areas: 1) growing our local economy and bringing businesses to East Contra Costa; 2) keep residents safe and continue improving on our public safety numbers; and 3) bringing back our fair share of resources to East Contra Costa from the county budget.


Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors, District 5


Voter Registration

Total voter registration as of February 18, 2016

Dem Rep DTS Other TOTAL
50,556 (54.27%) 15,994 (17.17%) 22,268 (23.90%) 4,342 (4.66%) 93,160


Conrad Dandridge

Address 604 Ross Cir, Martinez
Email cedandridg@aol.com
Website www.ccfel.org
Campaign Conrad Dandridge for CC County Supervisor (FPPC #Not Provided)
Top 3 Reasons for Running
  1. To provide effective leadership and representation to all areas of the district
  2. Ensure that budgetary discipline is maintained, as to continue to provide needed services to all residents of the County
  3. To build and protect the future of this county for my children and others


Anamarie Avila Farias

Address Martinez, CA
Email amavilafarias@sbcglobal.net
Website anamarieforcc.com
Campaign Avila Farias BOS 2016 (FPPC ID # Pending)
Top 3 Reasons for Running

I’m excited to offer the voters of our district an opportunity to hear fresh ideas and alternating points‐ of‐views on the important issues that affect the quality‐of‐life of our residents. There is a desperate need to infuse passion into the district, to create open‐minded and innovative solutions that address our various social, community, and infrastructure issues.

  • Public safety
  • Transportation
  • Housing and workforce development
  • Economic growth and prosperity

The Board of Supervisors vote on issues affecting the entire county, as well as their districts. District 5 deserves a passionate advocate for our towns and cities. I will listen to you, and our voice will be heard.


Federal Glover

Address 4314 Foothill Way, Pittsburg
Email fgdist5@aol.com
Website federalglover.com
Campaign Federal Glover for Supervisor 2016 (FPPC ID #991595)
Top 3 Reasons for Running
  1. Continuing my work to bring funds to Contra Costa County for transportation improvements, BART, Highway 4 and I-680.
  2. Continued support for disadvantaged youth, particularly through my yearly gang task force and youth summit that both focus on keeping kids out of gangs and off the streets.
  3. As we review the Urban Limit Line this year, I am recommending to my continuing work to “Hold the Line” so that sprawl is controlled and that our beautiful hillsides and open spaces remain places we can all enjoy.


Michael Menesini

Address 1320 Thomas Drive, Martinez
Email michael.menesini@gmail.com
Website None Provided
Campaign Mike Menesini for Supvervisor 2016 (FPPC #Pending)
Top 3 Reasons for Running
  1. Provide strong, open, visible leadership accessible to citizens of varying points of view
  2. The county has done well on "auto pilot" but the opinions of elected representatives must be heard effectively
  3. Leadership must be applied to social issues, jobs, growth, affordable housing, transportation, public safety [admin: additional items listed unreadable on copy provided]