Resolution: Loving Day

RESOLUTION 04142015.1 Authored by Rochelle Pardue-Okimoto

WHEREAS, Mildred and Richard Loving were unable to marry in the State of Virginia due to laws prohibiting interracial marriage and were forced out of their home, city, and state as a result of their marriage; and

WHEREAS, the Loving family did not back down but took their case to the United States Supreme Court and won on June 12, 1967, creating a landmark civil rights victory and paving the way for all consenting adults to marry the one that they love; and

WHEREAS, we are now moving forward in the twenty first century as a multiracial and multicultural society and must find a common vision from our interwoven past to build a society free of racism for the benefit of our collective future;


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Resolution: A 100% Renewable Energy Portfolio by 2050

Sponsored by Nadine Peyrucain

WHEREAS, the extraction, processing, and burning of fossil fuels has been known for some time to create air and water pollution and per recent studies by the U.S. Geological Survey, now earthquake activity associated with these extreme extraction methods and

WHEREAS, the continued burning of fossil fuels causes climate change? and climate scientists calculate that 80% of the world’s known fossil fuel reserves must remain in the ground to avoid further climate destabilization and warming of the planet beyond 2 degrees C – a tipping point for our climate; and

WHEREAS, fossil fuels are finite and being depleted on a regular basis such that the world’s largest private bank recently urged investors to divest from fossil fuels and to move to renewable energies

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